Lunch, Dance & Game

Join us for lunch and dance at this new venue – Zahrádka Vítězná 18. It used to be just another unused inner-block but nowadays offers massive-sized meals and several different brands of beers from small, local breweries.

12:30-15:00 but feel free to stay as long you please

Zahrádka Vítězná 18
Vítězná 18, Prague (tram stop Újezd)

Do you wwant to see some interesting sites of Prague and win a prize? Just find those site (see the list down below), take a photo of yourself in front of it, add it to Facebook and tag yourself and your friends, finally add a #PragueLEXicon!

– Participating photos have to be taken at listed places and tagged with #PragueLEXicon.
– 1 place = 1 photo, that means you may have up to 12 photos in the contest.
– More than one person may be in the photos, however the cake is only one.
– The photos will be assigned numbers in accordance to sharing on Facebook from Friday, September 1, 10:00, to Saturday, September 2, 20:00.

If you don’t want to stroll alone, Saturday lunch is a perfect oportunity to find a mate for the hunt.
Here’s the list of places. Quick tip: sites 1-5 are close to the Saturday lunch venue, sites 6-10 are close to Friday party venue, sites 11-12 are close to Saturday party venue.


  1. Crawling Babies
    These giant babies were made by David Černý and were born in 2000. They also have close relatives crawling through different places, for instance the TV tower at Žižkov.
  2. Lovers‘ Bridge
    One of the bridges across Čertovka channel – lovers secure their love by writing their names on a pad lock and then leaving it at the bridge. You may also see one of original water mills which were quite common on this channel. If you watch closely, you may also see the water spirit.
  3. Lennon’s Wall
    Protesting quotes and writings have been part of this wall from 1960s; after his death death, people started painting Lennon-inspired graffiti and quotes from Beatles‘ songs. The wall is alive, every time you walk by it will be different. Several times it was painted over with white paint, last time left only with „Wall is over“, thus starting a new wall.
  4. The narrowest street in Prague
    The street itself does not have a name but oficially is the narrowest in Prague – its width ranges 50-70 cm. On both ends are traffic lights so you wouldn’t run into someone mid-way through this one way street.
  5. Charles Bridge
    Find the statue of St. John of Nepomuk who was drowned because refused to give out confession secret. Pet the small dog on the relief – it brings good luck.
  6. Statue of Sigmund Freud hanging from a window
    „A Hanging Man“ is a statue from 1997 by David Černý and is often said to represent Sigmund Freud who has hung also in Stockholm, Chicago and Soul. On several occasions people have actually believed it is a real suicide and have called police and fire department.
  7. Statue of Franz Kafka
    He goes round and round and round and round and round… His head is 11 meters tall and is powered by 42 engines.
  8. The Church of Our Lady of the Snows
    It is sooooo taaaaaaall. Well you could certainly find taller but with its height 31,5 meters it is one of the tallest churches in Prague. You are now looking at it from the original Franciscan garden which…has delicious ice-cream just around the corner at Světozor!
  9. Monument of St. Wenceslas
    St Wenceslas is the patron of Czech Republic and this is his most known statue. This place is very common as meeting poit – „meeting under the tail“.
  10. Lucerna Palace
    The horse upside down! It’s dead. Look around, this bulding is a jewel from late 1920s. Btw. the statue is supposed to hang like this until the return of monarchy into Bohemia.
  11. Dancing House
    Built in 1996, it represents Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing. Ginger is the glass one.
  12. Emauzy Monastery
    This is our Saturday venue. The monastery dates back to 14th century but both gothic towers of the church were destroyed during allied bombing at the end od WW2. In 1950s they were replaced by this silluet of concrete wings.