As you might guess from the very name of the band, AppenDixie is (not) an ordinary dixie band you are used to. Not only the selection of the music they play – a colorful combination of dixieland from the early 1900’s and swing of the golden era with a slight touch of gypsy jazz – but also the approach to the music is something that makes Appendixie different from the other bands. What is the approach like? Do come and hear it by yourself! You won’t be disappointed (we belive).

On top of all that, among the band members there are some who have somehow touched the Lindy hop. That is a weapon that helps AppenDixie kick every swing party they throw.

This time the band will be supported by a fabulous drummer – David Maxa, a man who keeps vintage swing drumming alive. Do look forward to hearing him roll!

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Petr Jambor – trumpet, cornet
Petr Seghman – trombone
Aleš Hrabě – guitar
Václav Pokorný – double bass
David Maxa – drums