PRAGOVA Exchange

The city of Ostrava has a young and crazy community and one day they came with the idea of joining our two communities and exchanges for two weekends in September (they’ve gone insane one would say).

September 22-24, 2017
Ostrava, Czech Republic

NOTE that all information about venues and bands regard only Prague Lexicon. For official information about PragOva Exchange, go to If you register for both events, a special price applies.

Welcome party
Location is a surprise for now, at 18.30 we will meet at Masaryk square and together we will go to the place.

Sunny afternoon
Walk through our small city centre and after that we will have open air dance party.

Main party
The biggest party of the weekend in Alfa Club in the city centre with amazing big band Gangsters of Swing Orchestra.
(Afterparty at known Stodolní street)

Hangover party
You will see our modest dance studio.